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What They Are Saying...

January 14, 2021

On the Economy…

S.C. Sen. President Harvey Peeler  “What we heard from the Governor tonight should be encouraging to all South Carolinians. Because of the General Assembly’s conservative approach to the budget over the past few years, we were prepared for a period of economic uncertainty. I’m glad the Governor voiced his support for splitting up DHEC, we have learned through unfortunate circumstances that DHEC’s size does not allow it to be as effective as it should. I’m encouraged by the Governor prioritizing five days a week face-to-face instruction in our public schools, our students’ futures depend on it.” (Twitter1/13/21) 

S.C. Chamber of Commerce Interim CEO Swati Patel  “Governor McMaster deserves credit for focusing on policies to fully reopen our state’s economy tonight. His call to make passage of COVID liability protections for businesses, healthcare providers, and educational institutions doing the right thing by following public health guidance a priority is key to that goal. We also thank him for prioritizing the expansion of broadband availability, incorporating an income tax cut, valuing our teachers, and focusing on workforce training and reskilling. The business community looks forward to working with the Governor and legislators to get these priorities across the finish line, in addition to the passage of a hate crimes law this session.” (Statement, 1/13/21)

S.C. House Ethics Chairman Jay Jordan  “Governor @henrymcmaster put forward a bold plan to reenergize the economy and restore much-needed normalcy to our state as we continue to combat an unprecedented pandemic. I thank the Governor for stating his support for my bill to modernize the state's executive powers, striking a balance between the Governor and legislature, ensuring individual liberties during a state of emergency. I fully endorse the Governor's conservative initiatives put forward in tonight's speech to pass the heartbeat bill, support our law enforcement officers and school teachers, and increase government transparency and accountability.” (Twitter, 1/13/21)

S.C. GOP Chairman Drew McKissick  "It’s no secret 2020 brought its fair share of challenges, but under unified Republican leadership, South Carolina is making great strides forward, starting with our unparalleled economic recovery from the COVID-19 setbacks,” said S.C. GOP Chairman Drew McKissick. “And with the largest Republican majority in the General Assembly in more than 140 years, we’re looking forward to working alongside the legislature and Governor McMaster — as he said, like a team — in getting bills defending freedoms, creating jobs, and protecting life passed and signed into law.” (Statement, 1/13/21)

S.C. House Ways and Means Chairman Murrell Smith  “Bringing us out of this pandemic (and) trying to do it as quickly as possible as safely as possible, and then make sure that we have an economy that continues to grow and continues to outperform the rest of the southeast.

“I’m very pleased to see that he didn’t fall into that temptation to go out and spend all the money we have and then if we had an economic downturn, … we would have problems and so he’s recognized that,” Smith said. “It’s a conservative and optimistic budget.” (The State, 1/13/21)

State Rep. Chris Wooten  “We have heard enough about fighting the pandemic, we know that’s where the money is going to go. We know we are going to get the CARES Act money. We are going to continue to fight this pandemic. We got to stimulate the economy. We have to get our teachers back to work full time and I think that’s all coming. So it was good to hear the Governor taking a positive step to try and make sure our economy gets back the right way.” (WIS, 1/14/21)

State Rep. Russell Fry  “Governor Henry McMaster is exactly right. We need to have some sort of small business relief in this state. It’s been an incredibly tough year for them, particular in the tourism / hospitality industry” (Twitter, 1/13/21)

State Rep. Bill Taylor  "During tonight’s ‘State of the State’ address, Gov. Henry McMaster gestured his approval to the Aiken County Representatives for leading the applause when he announced that Aiken and surrounding counties should be given priority on how the $525 million SRS settlement funds should be spent.” (Facebook, 1/13/21)

On Education…

S.C. House Education and Public Works Chairwomen Rita Allison  "I thought he covered a lot of areas that are tremendously important to South Carolina. Education, he also talked about the pandemic and how we’re going to handle it, how students need to get back in school five days a week. We’re leaving some behind and we don’t want to do that. We want to support parents and teachers." (WLTX, 1/13/21)

State Rep. Russell Fry  “Thank you @henrymcmaster for advocating for expanded school choice. ESAs are an incredible option for parents, especially during these odd times. #schoolchoice” (Twitter, 1/13/21)

“Well said @henrymcmaster- college students need instruction on the founding of our country! Not editorialized history. But actual history!” (Twitter, 1/13/21)

Charter Institute at Erskine  “From @henrymcmaster on Charter Education: ‘This is the free market at work.  State dollars must follow these students, and my budget appropriately sends $25 million to follow them to their new schools.’ Thank you Governor McMaster for your advocacy for charter schools in SC!” (Twitter, 1/13/2021)

Palmetto Promise  “’[Education Savings Accounts] provide the opportunity for working or low-income parents to choose the type of education environment and instruction that best suits their child’s unique needs.’ Thank you @henrymcmaster for prioritizing education opportunity in 2021” (Twitter, 1/13/21)

S.C. Public Charter School District  “Tonight, Gov. @henrymcmaster expressed his commitment to educational choice in South Carolina. ‘This is the free market at work.  State dollars must follow these students, and my budget appropriately sends $25 million to follow them to their new schools.’ Thank you! #KidsFirst” (Twitter, 1/13/21)

Vice President of Business Advocacy Greenville Chamber Jason Zacher  “Gov. @henrymcmaster also lends key support to expand access to higher education, high-quality industry credentials, and training for high-need professions. These are key proposals promoted by the @GvilleChamber and @UpstateChamber over the past several years. #StateoftheState (Twitter, 1/13/21)