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S.C. Floodwater Commission: Infrastructure and Shoreline Armoring Task Force


Every community has a drainage system, either natural or human-made or, more likely, a combination of both. The drainage system carries surface water from where it falls through channels to a receiving body of water. Drainage improvements will result in a reduction in overall flooding problems.

Urban or human-made channels are different from the natural channels. Human-made channels may need more maintenance to provide proper conveyance. To function properly, it is necessary that they be kept clean and clear. The urban drainage system also includes storm sewers (i.e., pipes) that carry smaller flows underground. When storm sewers work, the streets and yards are drained quickly. Storm sewers won’t work when they are blocked. Blockages can be caused by debris at the inlet, an outlet or outfall that is under water, a broken pipe, or debris or sediment in the pipe. The purpose of drainage ditches and storm sewers is to safely convey water downstream.

Read more in the Full Mission Statement Document (PDF).

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