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S.C. Floodwater Commission: Landscape Beautification and Protection Task Force


One of the most important elements in successful green space is beautifying public places. Beautification and protection mechanisms are exciting reasons to use plants in new ways to improve the lives of those within vicinity. These green oases give pleasure to millions who crave a connection with nature in their lives.

Beautification and protection mechanisms are established to enhance the natural beauty of areas by adding creative landscape designs and flowers throughout. Design, installation, and maintenance of all permanent landscaping around properties and public right of ways, allow for the ability to take a raw property and transform it into a beautiful and efficient landscape.

Urbanization, clearing trees, draining wetlands, and paving the ground exacerbates flooding. This task force will examine ways to reduce urban flooding using green space areas and through the use of permeable surfaces wherever possible in landscapes. Driveways, sidewalks, patios, parking lots, and pathways can be made from porous materials that are firm, but which still permit water to drain. Porous concrete, and porous asphalt are some of the materials that could be utilized to increase permeability.

Along the coast, the careful planning and planting of native coastal plants can help protect property from storm damage and flooding. Coastal dunes provide a buffer against coastal hazards such as wind erosion, wave overtopping and tidal inundation during storm events. They also provide a source of sand to replenish the beach during periods of erosion. For this reason, the protection of coastal vegetation is important for the long-term protection of beach front properties.

Read more in the Full Mission Statement Document (PDF).

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