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South Carolina Floodwater Commission

Final Report (PDF)

Read: Public Comments to Initial Task Force Report Findings Summary (PDF)

South Carolina faces an environmental challenge of the utmost urgency. Frequent flooding from rains, storms, hurricanes and tides threatens our people, our property and our way of life. To identify a comprehensive solution, and better facilitate a coordinated and collaborative mitigation effort, Governor McMaster has by Executive Order (PDF) established the South Carolina Floodwater Commission.

The Commission will work to provide solution-based discussions and to identify and implement short-term and long-term recommendations to alleviate and mitigate flood impacts to this State, with emphasis on the coastal and river-based communities.

This state has a wealth of talent waiting to be unleashed. If we can harness the vision, innovation and brainpower of the broader South Carolina community, we can be at the vanguard of a new water-use paradigm. Desalinization initiatives, energy utilization, tourism opportunities – these are just some of the ways we can use water rather wage war against it.


Thomas S. Mullikin, Chairman

William G. Ambrose Jr.

Mayor Brendon Barber

Maj. Michael Borneo

Bill Bruno

Dr. M. Hanif Chaudhry

Col. Bill Connor

Rep. Heather Crawford

Congressman Joe Cunningham

Sen. Tom Davis

Bryan Derreberry

Dr. Nicole Elko

Joe Ellers

Jay Faison

S.C. Department of Insurance Director Ray Farmer

Dr. Paul Gayes

Dr. Erfan Goharian

Sen. Stephen Goldfinch

SCDOT Secretary Christy Hall

Glenn Hamm

Sel Hemingway

Bryan Hilferty

D. Thomas Johnson

Keller Kissam

Mark Lazarus

S.C. Adjutant General Robert Livingston

John McCann

Marguerite McClam

SCPRT Director Duane Parrish

Dr. Leonard Pietrafesa

A. Victor Rawl

Congressman Tom Rice

Sharon Richardson

Karen Riordan

J.R. Sanderson

Dr. Inthuorn Sasanakul

Col. W. Thomas Smith, Jr.

D. Paul Sommerville

Rep. Leonard Stavrinakis

Kim Stenson

SCDC Director Bryan P. Stirling

Deborah Jane Stirling

SCDNR Director Alvin A. Taylor

Mayor John Tecklenburg

Col. Bill Truax

Dr. Richard Viso

Col. Steve Vitali

Elizabeth Von Kolnitz

Babs Warner

S.C. Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers

David Wielicki

Alan Williams

Sen. Kent Williams

David Wilson

Robert Young

Rep. Richie Yow


S.C. Floodwater Commission Organizational Chart (PDF)